NinetyNine – Jaxxxy EP [Free Downloads]

Let me preface this by saying that NinetyNine’s Jaxxxy EP is some of the grooviest House music I’ve heard in awhile.  Now, that might be because I first heard it while writing a history paper at 3 a.m and it did me a favor by taking my mind off of communism but seriously, it’s really good.  As enticing fun-loving vocal samples guide the tracks, you can’t help but smile at the happy vibe that comes with it.  Take the title track of the EP for example, ‘Jaxxxy’.  Warm filtered synths start out the track with jazzy jingles and funky drums.  It’s name symbolizes exactly what the song succeeds at showing; a close to modern rendition of music from the jazz era, with a funky house background.

Starting off the EP is my favorite track ‘Ruby Lippz’, a groovy rendition of how house music probably sounded in the 90’s.  Featuring the vocals of Jenna Mae and lo-fi filtered synths, the vocals and synths bounce off of one another, making ‘Ruby Lippz’ extremely dynamic.  Near the end of the song the synths vanish almost completely, leaving just the backbone melody to enhance the vocals.

Lastly we’ve got ‘Love 13’, a track with a slower tempo than the previous two but nonetheless, it’s just as groovy.  With some sampled vocals talking about love (surprise), this house track has some of the best rising and falling action on the EP.  Download it below and be sure to follow this Canadian producer on Soundcloud and Facebook.