Nipsey Hu$$le – Get Away [Feat. Ken Malik]

Since being named the most determined of the XXL Freshman, and dropping The Marathon in 2010, Nipsey Hussle has been grinding harder than most rappers in the game. As an integral, but often overlooked member of the current revitalization of the West Coast rap scene, he has put out some of the slickest bars of the past couple years. With his latest release from the ihussle leak series “Get Away”, Nipsey again flexes his lyrical muscles, showing he’s still hungry for that spot at the top.

This time, Nipsey Hu$$le, and his new protégé Ken Malik, take on Ja Rule’s chart topping “Put It On Me”. He flips the hood love song into a testament to his grind, filling the distinctly 90’s instrumental with experiences from the life of a Rollin’ 60’s Crip.

“Nigga, ballin that’s yo past tense

I’m the present and the future of this rap shit

Don’t act like you can’t hear it

You should fear it, kill me can’t mute my spirit”

Nipsey’s combination of a quick and smooth flow make the hunger in his lyrics almost tangible. He uses his verbal dexterity to paint vivid pictures for the listener, immersing you in his constant thirst for success. This is what I enjoy most about Nipsey; instead of using his superb flow to compensate for weak lyrical content, he brings you the best of both worlds to create captivating songs.

Nipsey Hu$$le does a great job with this song, but what surprised me most was the guest verse from Ken Malik. This was the first I have heard of him, but he matches the intensity Nipsey brings to the song very well. Lyrically, he’s nothing amazing, but being able to work closely with Nipsey will definitely benefit him.

If you are looking for more Nipsey Hu$$le, check out his website to download The Marathon and The Marathon Continues and keep an ear out for his forthcoming mixtape Victory Laps. You can check out more Ken Malik in his recently released, My Mental Diaries.