NITEPPL – Cult [Metrojolt Exclusive]

I’m very proud to share with you Metrojolt’s newest exclusive.  Straight from the beautiful city of our inception, NITEPPL‘s debut album Cult is San Francisco’s answer to the best of French electro.  The first time I heard this album was probably over a year ago.  It blew me away from the start and I still haven’t gotten over it.  The biggest question I have when I put something new on my ipod is, ‘will I still want to listen to this in 6 months?’  Overcoming pure novelty and making a track more than just the jam du jour is something few have the talent to accomplish.  I feel completely confident telling you that NITEPPL is one of those few because Cult already did that for me.

I haven’t had this much of a reason to dance since 2008.  Many of you have probably been into dance music for longer than I have, but my introduction to all things electronical came from Justice’s Cross.  Listening to Cult from beginning to end reminded me why I fell in love with electronic music.  Cult is a journey.  It’s a prime example of what kind of a dynamic experience an electronic album can be.  Complete with intro, outro, guitar solos and a stunning title track that clocks in around 8 minutes, Cult looks nothing like your typical electro release.

NITEPPL combines classic elements of French house, heavy electro and rock into his own futuristic vision.  Tracks like ‘Spacewrok’ are first and foremost dancefloor bangers.  At the same time it can easily transcend the club, partly because of how unformulaic of an electro track it is.  Grotesque rolling bass sounds are nothing new to those versed in electro-house, but the way he chooses to arranges the track makes ‘Spacewrok’ all at once familiar and startling.  Perhaps it’s that it isn’t drop-centric dance music.  One of the reasons that I promise you’ll be coming back to this album over an over again for the next year is the strength of the melodies NITEPPL creates.  It probably took me 20 minutes to finish ‘Philadephia’ because I kept having to listen to that intro riff over and over again.

With great pleasure I present to you the entirety of Cult for free download in 320 mp3 below.  Cult will also be available from Temple Music Group on Beatport on the 29th.

For those in San Francisco, Metrojolt in collaboration with Temple Music group, is hosting an album release party for Cult tomorrow (1/25) at Temple Night Club.    Come see a live set from NITEPPL with supporting sets by Realboy, Girls N’Boomboxes and our own writers GLSS.  The album release party is free with RSVP before midnight.  Check it out on facebook and RSVP here.