Blu – Herfavo(u)ritecolo(u)r [Review]

I came close but no cigar folks,

Peach ops are lit, to the head like a dropkick

Through the snares and all, but who cares

I cut my hair instead of pullin it outta my head… dog

– Blu, Pardon, Herfavo(u)ritecolo(u)r

If you’ve heard of Blu it’s probably due to his already-classic Exile produced debut, Below the Heavens from 2007. Now don’t get me wrong, Below the Heavens is a complete and remarkably crafted Hip-Hop album that deserves the praise and critical acclaim it gets, but I’m writing about Blu’s 2010 (officially 2011) release, Herfavo(u)ritecolo(u)r because it’s simply a masterpiece that everyone and their mother needs to listen to.

Where do I begin about this tape?  The production is phenomenal: a blend of laid back soul loops and uplifting vocal samples all done by Blu himself under the alias Godlee Barnes. Herfavo(u)ritecolo(u)r plays through in a well calculated order of skits, songs, and instrumentals that really allows listeners to kick their feet up and enjoy the vibes from all fourteen tracks without a need to press skip. I promise, even the skits aren’t worth skipping!

The best parts of this tape are easily the complete songs that Blu places sparingly throughout the album. Songs like ‘Vanity’ are just too dope on so many levels. Good Production? Check. Original Concept? Check. And lyrics?  Wow. Blu’s bars on this song are so poetically masterful I’m having trouble finding a section to quote for you guys from this. Just listen to the song and tell me this shit’s not fire.

My personal favorite song on this tape has to be ‘Pardon’, a two and a half minute song of Blu just spitting pure poetry. This song won’t stand out to you at first, Blu’s well-written lyrics have a way of coming and going right over your head, but upon a few listens you begin to piece together what makes these lyrics so subtly powerful:

Staring at a dream, moonwalk talkin to ghost,

Gone off of that, indo smoke and we elope

Dope boy on his own, God bless the child who grows, the

Low range, from, outta the manger, born

Knowledge reign supreme,

Over nearly anyone that’s afraid to dream, try

Pardon, Herfavo(u)ritecolo(u)r

If you’re a fan of smooth, poetic Hip-Hop you will thank me for putting you on this album. In my opinion, Herfavo(u)ritecolo(u)r is another classic from Blu based off of its play-through vibe and artistic feel alone (not to mention everything I just spent an article mentioning). I’m going to put a free link from when Blu released this as a mixtape, as well as a link to go and buy it  because good music should be supported. I’d even say it might be worth investing in a physical copy. An album this good might be worth some money some day.