Outside Lands Mix Part 4: K.Flay

From Outside Lands Mix Part 1:

I recently bought my ticket to Outside Lands, the premier Northern-California music event which is hosted in Berkeley’s enchanting People’s Park…wait…I meant to say San Francisco’s gorgeous Golden Gate Park. The festival is cheaper than Coachella, the weather’s going to be nicer, and even though Kanye West isn’t performing it’s well worth it. To get myself, those Metrojolt fans who are also going, and those still thinking about getting a ticket super stoked about this special experience, I’m starting an exploration into the artists performing at the festival. I’ll be choosing big names, unknowns, and in-betweens to expose naked (in the musical, non-figurative sense) for our readers.

I think I’m in love. K.Flay is a quirky female rapper and producer. She’s kinda sexy too, in that “I’m sweaty, smart and indie” way. Her claim to fame is producing ridiculously catchy music in “a basement.” She, like most of the artists I dig, mashes genres with ease. She mixes music as disparate as emo rock, pop, and rap and samples songs by Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Pack, Grizzly Bear, The Cataracs, and Gnarls Barkley. Her rapping reminds me of a mixture of Das Racist, Kid Cudi, and Childish Gambino, all of whom I respect for their wit, versatility and non-traditional production. K.Flay doesn’t rap about things she doesn’t know, she speaks poetically and truthfully about a range of topics including low self-esteem, the recent recession and reveals the myths of the society we live in– all while keeping in character and in step with the beats she crafts. While her music’s content can be dark, she doesn’t shy away from creating songs for pure shits ‘n giggles (example? “Love in This Club Med”). Oh, and did I mention she studied Sociology and Psychology at Stanford University; Instant props for harnessing her musical creativity on the college campus.

I’m surprised I didn’t pick up on her sooner, since she was featured on Zion I’s track Coasting. But honestly, that song didn’t show her most dynamic sides, her superb flow and impressive production skills. I’m really stoked to see her at Outside Lands this year. She’ll be a one-woman show, creating her beats in real time and rapping over them, which will definitely be a special experience. My goal is to meet her too, post-set, and chat about her music and other passions. Download two full mixtapes off her website and support her by copping her EP from ITunes.


PARTY – K.Flay

CRAZYtown – K.Flay

ON the bridge – K.Flay

Danger Starts – K.Flay

Less Than Zero – K.Flay

miniVANS feat. Eligh – K.Flay

2 Weak – K.Flay

love in this CLUB MED – K.Flay

Mason Jar – K.Flay

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