People Under the Stairs @ Fortune Sound Club

Obama be drinking beer. Yo, yo, but fo real doe, my stance on immigration is clear. If you ain’t into beer, then get the f*** outta here.

Vancouver, where you at?! We repeat, Vancouver, WHERE THE HELL YOU AT?! This city continues to surprise and amaze us with its unwavering loyalty to good hip hop music, a feat that we neighboring Americans are seldom aware of. If you read our show review of Cunninlynguists from last week, then you hopefully gained some idea. But when People Under the Stairs (aka People, or PUTS) showed up to their sold out show at Fortune Sound Club on November 15th, the people of Vancouver turned it up a gear. With the club packed to the brim and endless amounts of PBR being consumed, this crowd wasn’t going to simply sit back, relax, and enjoy the rap duo, but rather, party their asses off instead. Martin had the glorious opportunity to get into the front and soak up the mayhem, while Adam viewed them from the back to avoid getting clobbered in the face by the ever-so-many belligerent drunks.

While they are known for their chill acoustic hip-hop beats, from the moment they entered the stage People demonstrated the versatility their show would carry. With the crowd going absolutely bananas, they opened with a crafty, harder, stronger version of ‘Selfish Destruction’, and immediately had the crowd participating in the lyrics and chants, which they did frequently throughout the performance. Getting the crowd involved as much as they do shows a very unique and important aspect of their character. Their priority is making, loving, and sharing music, which in turn emphasizes carefree living and bringing together the musical community. In this way, they can get pretty personal with crowd, that is, whenever they’re not getting hyped and spitting some lyrical genius.

Their stage presence was impeccable, even though they hadn’t visited Vancouver in 7 years. The confidence that both Thes One and Double K held on stage was easily seen by the crowd, as they took turns freestyling to the other’s disc scratching countless times. Also despite how much they joked around, they got pretty serious about song choice. Their older material fluctuated pretty consistently with the new. With the exception of the end of the performance, the two biggest hits of the night were probably ‘Beer’ – a track off Carried Away beloved by all – and The Next Step slapper ‘Time to Rock Our Shit’. The latter was performed with such ferocity and contained such brain-smacking beats, some confused people might have thought they mistakenly attended Public Enemy. Near the end of their performance, they dropped ‘Acid Raindrops‘, a PUTS classic, in which literally the entire crowd roared the chorus and most of each verse. The vibes continued into the night, as they proceeded to play the throwback ‘San Francisco Knights’, much to the satisfaction of Bay Area natives in attendance. Being natives ourselves, you can imagine’ our faces melting in immense euphoria.

Before we finish, we also want to take the time to introduce one of the openers from Thursday night. The group that performed right before People consisted of Vancouver-based artists Attikus and Fatty Down, who are currently collaborating under the moniker Fattikus. They put on a shockingly crackin’ show consisting of heavy beats, rich lyrics and a hilarious sarination. We’re very excited to see what becomes of them over the next year.

As for People Under the Stairs…wow. We miss our homeland of California dearly, so thanks for bringing a piece of her over. This one is for the memory books.

-Martin and Adam