Phony Ppl — Not Your Average Band

After seeing Phony Ppl perform on Columbia’s campus, I was quite intrigued by their sound. Watching them perform again at the Afro-Punk festival this summer, Brooklyn-based music collective Phony Ppl did not disappoint. Watch them jam here:

Reminiscent of a young extraction of The Legendary Roots Crew, Phony Ppl blends hip hop, jazz, occasional synthy electronic vibes, and carefully selected samples for a smooth layering of vocals over a super-tight rhythm section. During their set, the live band nearly outshone the fronting vocalists, but as a young group just coming into their own, and defining a new space for themselves, you can only expect them to become more cohesive as the months roll on.

About midway through their set at Afro-Punk, they played one of my personal favorites from their album Phonyland., ‘Break it Off.,’ following an unexpected cover of A Tribe Called Quest’s ‘Bonita Applebaum’. The 9 distinctive musicians embodied a unified stage presence, allowing each member of the crew to step to the front of the stage for a moment to shine, but not one tried to outdo his fellow bandmates. With unique style, a Brooklyn flair, and pure musical talent, Phony Ppl is here to stay and we’re excited to see what they come out with next. Download their most recent project, nothinG special., here.

Also, peep the most recent single from Dyme-A-Duzin, one of Phony Ppl’s frontmen, and stay tuned for his upcoming tape A Portrait of Donnovan.