Promise Me A Rose Garden and Glow EP – The M Machine

Promise Me A Rose Garden

Let me preface this post by saying that this track is awesome in every way, shape and form.  First, you’re caught off guard by five seconds of the crackling sound you might hear when you start to play a record; classy beginning huh?  What makes it even classier is that a beautiful melodic voice enter the song after five seconds.  Progressively, louder notes, drums, and chords are added to the mix, complimented by an amplified version of the vocals. As the vocals start to subside, they are replaced by horns and percussion-based synth.  Together, these sounds imitate a personal fanfare for a king– if fanfare ever used electronic production. When the drop finally hits, you’re immediately slapped in the face by crazy Complextro synths that sound like a mix of Zedd and Pance Party. The percussion synth makes a return every other two measures– giving the synth patterns that little bit of variety they need.  When the refrain comes back 3/4 into the song, it leaves you sitting and begging for another round of unique M Machine synths, which they happily give you.  Once again, this track is awesome, in every way, shape and form.

Promise Me A Rose Garden utilizes stabby synths, percussion synths and pounding drum pattern to make the M Machine’s second release epic on all levels.  This song will definitely be a banger for the books of EDM.

Promise Me A Rose Garden – The M Machine


Gotta say, I wasn’t too impressed with Glow.  I don’t know whether it’s the use of off tonal melodramatic vocals or the absence of rapid synth succession like the pattern in Trafalgar and Promise Me A Rose Garden, but I can’t put this song on repeat in my iTunes like previous M Machine productions.  That’s not to say that the second track off of the EP isn’t well produced, it’s just not as addicting as the first one.   However, I will say that The M Machine really knows how to make dramatic refrains.  Take the refrain from 2:16 to 3:00 where the repetition of the phrase, “I feel young again” revitalizes the listener.  It’s inspiring, but I think that the track has so much more potential. Check it out for yourself.  Either way, The M Machine is still taking the scene by storm with their productions, so it’s not a huge surprise that they wanted to switch up their sound.  The fact that they can produce multiple quality tracks of varying genres shows their versatility in electronic production.   I’m anxiously awaiting to hear what they have in store for us in 2012.

Glow – The M Machine

All in all, this two track EP off of Skrillex’s new label OWLSA gets me excited for the coming year.  Electronic music has been steadily growing or the past year, and I’m pretty sure year 2012 is gonna be huge for the EDM scene.  Just wait and see, The M Machine is going to surprise us again.