PROXY – Raw (roeVy Remix)

If you read my review of Proxy’s debut album Music of the Eastblock Jungles Pt 1you’ll remember how excited I was about his track ‘Raw’.  Its dark grungy synths seemingly rising from the flames of hell gave that album its mysteriously enigmatic tone.  However, I still don’t think you’re able to play Proxy’s ‘Raw’ unless #1: You yourself are the Russian producer/DJ formerly known as Proxy, or you’re playing at some dark underground rave where people are jumping through hoops of fire.  Well played Proxy, well played.

In the midst of all the darkness though comes Metrojolt favs roeVy with a remix of ‘Raw’, meant to dispel this perception.  That’s not to say that this track isn’t just as dark as the original, but it’s darkness is displayed a bit differently.  RoeVy’s remix takes the raw grungy synths in Proxy’s original and with just a bit of tweaking, creates some of the darkest yet energetic techno I’ve ever heard.  Is it even techno? Is it House? Is it Electro?  It really doesn’t matter; the bottom line is it’s awesome however you describe it.  As the 808 drums and snares hit in the beginning, we’re reminded of Proxy’s esoteric style, but roeVy quickly switches up the style in the first drop & breakdown.  Then, with delicate chops and a developed synth line, the 2nd half goes into an entirely different direction, with a newly introduced melody hidden within the rhythm of the synths.  It’s dark, it’s brilliant and it gets me supah excited for the remix EP.  Be sure to pick this up December 11th as an early Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza gift to yourself and get hyped for Music From The Eastblock Jungles Pt 2!