Rektchordz – Future Shock & I Want It

Although the name Rektchordz conjures images of an angry 13 year old with a $100 guitar he got for Christmas, I must admit Rektchordz makes some pretty badass dance music.  Rektchordz is the moniker of producer Jamie Smithson based in Bristol.  His music is mostly electro with heavy dark techno influences.  Future Shock is the name of his newest EP out on Vicious Bitch.  The title track is balls to the wall driving electro with a reverb smothered breakdown guaranteed to floor you if you’re lucky enough to catch it dropped live on a proper system.  The second track, ‘I Want It’, is my favorite on the release.  ‘I Want It’ is a melding of big-room electro and techno.  It shows clear influences from UK broken beat styles of music.

The EP is available now on Beatport and includes a remix from our favorite and eternal champion of bass, Attaque.