Ricktronik – Inferno EP

There is an acknowledged problem in dance music of artists putting virtually no thought into the structure of their releases.  I suppose music primarly intended to be DJed with can’t always be expected to be released in a form that flows like a rock album.  But once in a while it’s still nice to get a release that isn’t just a pile of bangers in an arbitrary order.  Every now and then an electronic release comes out that tears down the stereotype.  One such EP is Ricktronik’s Inferno.

Italian Riccardo Caprotti reached deep into his heritage for a dance music version of Dante’s Inferno.  Ricktronik’s Inferno EP is a merging of classical and dance music without the usual irony that accompanies the combination.  The mix isn’t about the harsh juxtaposition of those sounds.  Instead it is about merging them into an altogether new sound.  The inclusion of such foreign influences in dance music is rarely done in such a tasteful or mature fashion (think  classical breakdowns followed by musically unrelated ironic brostep drops).  The EP opens and ends with Prologo and Epilogo, each track telling the story of the descent into hell.  Prologo is a twisted symphonic score infused with organs, strings and everything else missing from dance music.  The EP winds down with Prologo’s complement, Epilogo.  Epilogo is about gentle, but unnerving strings over chilling atmospherics.  It’s really a treat to find an EP that sucks you into so perfectly and then winds itself down like Inferno does.  At the heart of the EP are Pt.1, La Grand Opera and Pt.2 — three rhythm driven symphonic songs worthy of the title of bangers.  Pt.1 and Pt.2 are a lot like something Justice might have included in their first album.  It has the symphonic power of rock and classical combined with the unstoppable drive of electro.

The Inferno EP is what happens when an EDM producer tries to go heavy without relying entirely on crazy sound design.  Ricktronik reminds us that being able to make a great track is about building tension with creative melody and harmony and not just about owning gnarly Massive patches.  Be sure to check out the video below showing Riccardo shredding up his midi keyboard during the recording of Pt. 1.  The EP is available now on Beatport.   Now press play and be forced to contend with the evil powers of Ricktronik’s electric symphony.