Rolf Mulder of The Public Stand [Label Showcase & Guest Mix #21]


While we all enjoyed the brief taste of sunlight we received from Nick Monaco and Navid Izadi’s Guest Mix #20, let’s not forget that this blog and its readers exist for the night time.  Metrojolt has enlisted Rolf Mulder, label head of The Public Stand to lead us back to the darkness with Guest Mix #21.

Rolf Mulder is the man at the helm of the dark and mysterious The Public Stand, an upcoming Rotterdam based techno label.  Within the short 2 years since their inception they’ve put out releases featuring some of the most exciting names in techno like Dave Clarke, Niereich, Black Asteroid and Mr. Jones.  Their newest release from Mr. Jones came out this past Monday.  The Apogeum EP is just another example of the quality dark techno, which The Public Stand is making a name for themselves releasing.

Rolf Mulder’s guest mix contains some of the best offerings from The Public Stand.  In places, the mix is stark and brutal.  In others it’s warm and inviting.  In an hour and 40 minutes Rolf Mulder’s mix shows off the spectrum of feeling which techno is capable of.  With tracks from The Public Stand spread throughout, the mix is also a show of his label’s maturity.  The energy doesn’t take a break until Rolf gracefully closes the set with Simplicity is Beauty’s “Operator’s Manual” off The Public Stand.  Check out the mix below and find the full tracklisting on SoundCloud.

Below you will find a selection of 5 of The Public Stand’s choicest cuts, including the title track of their newest release, Mr. Jones’ Apogeum EP.  The Public Stand is all about the deep, dark and minimal.  If that’s your thing (which it should be), then you’ll certainly lose yourself in these tunes.
Mr. Jones – Apogeum

Mr. Jones – Black Rainbow (BLACKASTEROID Remix)

Radical G – Shadowdancing (Unsubscribe Remix by Dave Clarke and Mr. Jones)

George Lanham & Mr. Jones – Collab 3 (Voted best of 2011 by Dave Clarke)

The Subdermic – Electric Cabaret (Voted best of 2010 by Dave Clarke)

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