S-Type – Billboard EP

With all the huss and fuss going around about the reveal of Hudson Mohawke and Lunice’s collaboration TNGHT as well as their self-titled EP, many overlook some of the rising stars who’ve signed with LuckyMe since the group was formed. LuckyMe is a record label based out of Glasgow, Scotland, which is where HudMo was born and raised. Due to his familiarity with the music scene in his hometown, Hudson Mohawke (a key founder of LuckyMe) was able to reel in artists across the globe to strengthen the collective record label.

S-Type happens to be one of those artists, and HudMo didn’t have to go very far to find him, as S-Type was also born and raised in Glasgow! S-Type’s music was first heard in the ever so popular BBC Radio One Essential Mix Featuring Rustie in April 2012. Rustie, who is a well known DJ/Producer and close companion of Ross Birchard (a.k.a. HudMo), is on U.K. record label Warp Records, the same label that Hudson Mohawke is signed to. When the song Billboard by S-Type was mixed around 20 minutes into Rustie’s set, it was obvious that whoever the creator was, the release of their music would be highly anticipated; and it was.

Between the released of the BBC Essential Mix in April and S-Type’s EP release in mid-October, Billboard’s popularity increased dramatically. Many DJ’s and producers who had paid close attention to Rustie’s mix easily heard the masterpiece in Billboard, yet had to wait until October for the entire EP. This allowed so many people to get hyped on S-Type in my opinion, and though it was torture waiting for this EP release; more time allowed more people now learn about his extremely visible talents. On October 16th, the same day the EP was released, S-Type’s “Billboard” was labeled “Best New Track” in an article written by Hari Ashurst on Pitchfork.com.

I’m sure this track would have gotten this award earlier had the EP been released, but during the waiting period between the BBC mix and the EP’s release, nobody knew what else the highly anticipated EP would include. When I first bought the Billboard EP, I threw on Billboard first and noticed instantly that his version on the EP was much better mastered, and sounded way more like a final product than the preview we were given in the Rustie mix. With dope “Ohh check this out” vocal samples (among many others), and super trippy synthy samples placed all over this EP I can easily say that he’s got amazing ear for even the smallest aspects of musical creation.

Though despite Billboard being so highly anticipated and receiving such amazing reviews, I find that after listening to the EP in full, that it isn’t my favorite song. “You Da Best” is the final track on the EP and boy does it chill you down after listening to such a hyped up and energetic EP. It begins with a vocal sample fast-forwarded singing “You’re the best, around!” then moves to a dope hip-hop build up, which drops into an amazing chorus filled with softened trumpets and an extremely powerful snare, which proceeds to take over the song. When hearing this song for the first time, I immediately knew it was my favorite track on the EP, and that I’d be listening to a whole lot more in the future.

Speaking of which, another track on the EP really got my attention when I listened to it for the first time. “Whole Lotta” is an awesome track combining the most beautiful string synths, with REAL dirty rap vocals; as well as really trippy abstract vocal samples. My favorite part of this track is about 1:50 into it, when the amazing synths that make up the chorus combines with the dope rap samples, proceeding to a really chill breakdown. The fact that S-Type is able to appeal to all crowds using his formula of mixing amazing synths with variations of hip-hop style beats truly shows that his talent is soon to be recognized by music lovers universally. His music showcases some of the most beautiful and intriguing sounds I’ve ever heard, and I can’t wait to hear more from him.