Salva + Brenmar @ Shine Nightclub [Show Review]

While walking down the stairs of Shine Nightclub in Gastown, one will almost always encounter the sound of mind-boggling bass. This past Sunday, DJs/Producers Salva and Brenmar took to the decks with the newly-renovated sound system over at Shine — and yes, our ears are still ringing.

Luckily, within ten minutes of us arriving at the club, Adam was lucky enough to hear the always catchy “Bbbbbrenmar” sample, indicating that Brenmar was up first. Brenmar is a Chicago-born Brooklyn-based DJ who somehow continuously defies all that is genre. His unique taste of R’n’B and Hip-Hop mixed with intense UK Bass/Juke vibes is really what makes him one of the more all-encompassing DJ’s on the rise. The up-tempo dance music that he creates and showcases in his DJ sets have clubs packed with moisture dripping from the ceiling constantly across the globe.

He begun mixing uptempo and vibrant Moombahton, then gradually moved into playing some Jersey Club with Trappy Hip-hop tracks mashed in-between. Despite a largely electronic set, Brenmar definitely brought the club DOWN with classics like “Pony” by Ginuwine, a few Bay rap tracks, and more to cap off an extremely diverse set. Brenmar shook the dancefloor with everyone in attendance groovin’ for his entire hour-long set.

Los Angeles based DJ/Producer Salva has been on the EDM scene across Florida, the Midwest, and most recently Los Angeles for quite some time. His most recent remix with friend and fellow musician RL Grime for Kanye West’s ‘Mercy’ has over 550,000 plays on Soundcloud and is recognized by some to be one of the hottest club heaters of 2012. Salva’s set was, undoubtedly everything bass, ranging from Jersey Club to fast and upbeat bubbling-trap.


You may not know Adam well, but when he reaches a point of maximum excitement, his face and body language reflect an exact replica of the man in Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” painting. Such was the case when in the last 5 or 10 minutes of Salva’s set, he dropped everything from unreleased Hudson Mohawke to Danny Brown, which was, mind you, total fire. Adam, giddy with joy and standing directly 2 feet in front of Salva, couldn’t help but yell into his face, “HudMo! HudMo!,” at which point all Salva could do was crack up and accept being smothered by Adam’s affection. Martin doesn’t like to share Adam with others, so he wasn’t pleased.

Here’s a few heaters that highlighted our night!


— Martin and Adam