Salva & Brenmar – Let Me Bang

I gotta hand it to my friends, all of them have such good music taste.  Somehow they always come through with the latest and greatest of booty bounce music, and it’d be a crime if I didn’t share it with you all.  This time, we have a collaboration from LA residents Salva & Brenmar, which originates from a classic by DJ Deonne.  Burning with Chicago style rhythm, ‘Let Me Bang’ is an exciting take on Chicago House turned ghetto-house-booty-bumpin-banger.  Chopped up vocals in the middle prelude a whole other side to the track, and vocals layered atop vanishing drums lead the way into the final drop.  Plain and simple, it’s a great track that won’t fail at getting a party poppin.  

Be sure to catch these guys on their tour too!