Sean Price- I See [Video Review]

Now for those of you that don’t already know, your favorite rapper in the game today probably couldn’t hang bar for bar with Sean Price.  The Bootcamp Clik, Heltah Skeltah, and Random Axe member is easily one of the hardest hitting and lyrically structured emcees in the game today.  His video, ‘I See’, is just a little promotion (and bonus track) for his way-too-long awaited album, Mic Tyson, which dropped this Tuesday.

The minute and half long video is really all you need to catch a whiff of the dopeness that is Sean Price.  The simple baseline plus his well-timed flow have a way of really hitting you with an emphasis at the end of each bar. Sean’s masterful use of breath control gives rise to his infamous adlib that he’s fond of gruffly letting off, ‘P!’  And don’t even get me started about his rhyme schemes, which are simply some of the most complexly mastered things I have heard all year:


Type’a dude that’s supplyin the block, get knocked

Come home quick, qualified f’shock block official

Popular pop, I’ll pop a pistol,

No rest in peace t-shirt, the rest of the block forget you, Magilla

Uh, Mandella the most,

bum shit gun shit pan handle with toast…


For those of you who still don’t believe me, just peep this freestyle here, or download his last tape, 2009’s Kimbo Price.  All in all, no one in this current rap game (minus a select few) are fuckin’ with Sean Price, don’t sleep.  Mic Tyson review coming soon!