Sean Price – Mic Tyson [Album Review]

The wait is over. After a 5-year hiatus from solo albums, Sean Price has finally blessed our tape decks with his latest release, Mic Tyson. The verdict? After listening to this album on-and-off for the past seven days, I can confidently tell you two things: Mic Tyson bangs and Sean Price is nice as fuck at rapping.

The first song on the album, ‘The Genesis of Omega,’ an aggressively hooked banger, manages to set a hard-hitting tone that stays pretty consistent for the next fourteen tracks. Sean makes it clear through the song’s first few bars that this is that hardcore, New York, slap-the-shit-outta-these-soft-ass-rappers-rap that you don’t hear very often:

It goes, Hanna Barbara barbarian,

Bars better than yours and your entourage,

Pa, Sean bury’ em

 Sean stays true to his roots on the album, putting out those classic lyrics that have earned New York-bred Hip Hop so much notoriety and respect in the past. This is no exaggeration: Price manages to massacre almost every single verse on this album. Between the beyond-complex rhyme schemes, mastered flow, and left-field references, Sean Price manages to keep listeners amazed and engaged without really taking them anywhere too far out. One of my favorite verses on Mic Tyson is probably the first verse of ‘Pyrex,’ where P plays the confrontational aggressor, bearing his teeth at these new-age rappers that need to get their bars up:

Whole lotta shots followed,

After I bust your snot box with the Ciroc bottle,

Shot the fed, one mano-a-mano the clown,

I pull a pound on a Ronald McDonald,

You a happy meal nigga, with a toy in the box,

I clap the steel, nigga, put your boy in a box,

P, and the gun that slapped ya,

I’m lyin, just like the rest of these dumb ass rappers

It’s probably smart that most of P’s features are choruses.  On songs like ‘Price in Shining Armor’ and ‘Solomon Grundy’ it’s not even funny how badly his verses outshine the guest appearances, which are all still pretty good verses.  If you are a Hip-Hop listener who enjoys advanced lyricism and hard-hitting production from that classic, NY point of view, you will love this album.  If you’re looking for some radio friendly pop smashes go somewhere else.  P!

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Also, listen to the bonus song ‘Remember’ featuring Freddie Gibbs.   it’s a five-star track and it’s the only guest feature that isn’t completely outshined by P’s verses.