Shadow Dancer

In subject matter techno has always drawn its inspiration from envisioning the future.  For this reason I find it ironic how facinated techno artists seem to be with the genre’s past.  I don’t mean to claim that there is no great progression in techno’s history, but rather that great techno comes from referencing, understanding and repurposing its own past.  Boysnoize Recs regulars Shadow Dancer are a duo that understand that better than most as demonstrated by the slew of techno goodies they’re set to release.

Love From Alan & Paul is the title of their forthcoming album comprised of tracks produced between 1997 and 2002.  In 1997 I was 5 years old and I can’t even remember what I was listening to (probably something lame like Swedish House Mafia).  Meanwhile the brothers Alan & Paul Farrier were producing dance music capable of being dropped on a dance floor 10 years in the future.  We can’t predict the weather a week from now (some nonsense called chaos theory), but a pair of acid obsessed kids could predict what kind of bangers would still be bangers in a decade.  Love From Alan & Paul is truly future techno from the past.

Love From Alan & Paul Promo Mixtape

Most producers release an album and lay low for a year.  Not Shadow Dancer.  I’m pretty sure I got the promo emails for Love From Alan & Paul and this collaboration with Sirkus Sirkuz less than 24 hours apart.  That’s called getting shit done in the studio.  The EP is all acid techno. The first track is that sort of great driving acid you expect out of GND and the second is a funkier female vocal sample sort of acid.  The acid genre is the perfect example of techno’s obsession with its past.  From an outside observer, the pre-occupation with the Roland TB303, a small, technically limited 30 year old bass synthesizer, must seem absurd.  To one who understands techno, the use and reuse of the acid sound is more than just an expression of a limited sonic vocabulary.  It’s about an understanding of techno’s past — something Shadow Dancer undeniably values.

Shadow Dancer vs. Sirkus Sirkuz Build/Use EP