Shy Glizzy – Fxck Rap [Mixtape Review]

Is the shit I’m asking for impossible? I wish, that I could shoot a cop or two.

Since I got stabbed life is such an obstacle, I eat the wrong thing and gotta go to the hospital.

– ‘I Wish’


Ladies and gentlemen, let me present to you: Shy Glizzy. If you didn’t know, Shy is an acronym for the “Streets’ Hottest Youngin’”. The introspective and erratic rapper has been tapped to be next in DC, and what he lacks in physical stature he makes up for in hunger. His nasal flow seems to be the product of a 19-year-old who has apparently spent about as much time in school as in prison (fun fact: he got his G.E.D. while incarcerated). He released his latest mixtape on December 12th of last year, and with Wale and Trinidad James features on the tape, he has been steadily gathering steam in the DMV area.

Shy Glizzy is no stranger to the streets – his father was murdered at age 19. By all accounts, Glizzy burst onto the scene after unleashing this popular diss song aimed at Fat Trel.

Glizzy’s credibility is not what’s in doubt, but his witty flow and charismatic style make him different from most other rappers. Glizzy reflects the sentiment in recent rap that one’s character and story seem equally important as the bars spit on the beat. I’m not sure I agree with this trend, but that isn’t to say Glizzy doesn’t have talent. On one of the  standout tracks from the tape, ‘Swish’ (produced by Speaker Knockz), he owns the second verse claiming,


Pop a bottle, pop a model, pop a bottle pop a model,

Give her a molly, she gon’ swallow

She might fuck me fuck me for a follow/

I’m that nigga (Yeah!) Young nigga named Glizzy,

I get in that pussy and make that bitch pop a wheelie.


before polishing off some of his new-school adlibs and beatin’ up the rest of the verse. However, Glizzy is not as carefree as many might think and proves to be positively introspective on many tracks. He knows he wasn’t blessed to play basketball like Lebron James, or throw like Mike Vick. On ‘I Wish’ he opens the song by saying “Don’t buy no Gucci’s if you know yo niggas wearin’ sandals, you gonna be sick when those niggas pull a scandal.” Glizzy’s mixtape covers all the bases for a 19-year-old trap-rap mixtape. I blame ASAP Rocky for fashion based ‘Pilot’ featuring Def Jam signee, Trinidad James, which surprisingly turns out to be a good song. Other notable tracks include Shy’s ode to Sean Carter on ‘Hova’, the title track ‘Fxck Rap’, and Rico Beats slapper ‘Money Problems’.

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