Simian Mobile Disco @ Paradise Rock Club

Cameron’s thoughts: 

When I first saw Simian Mobile Disco, I was utterly blown away as they cranked out a flawless set and could not believe my eyes as they searched through pages upon pages of CD’s adding to the epic and spontaneous show they put on. When seeing the word (Live) next to their performance in Boston, I was astounded not believing they could possibly produce their digital heavy sounds with any aspect of live performance, in my mind I could not bridge the gap between their newest sounds (like A Form of Change EP and Unpatterns) and a live performance show. Is that even possible? Upon entering the show and watching the dynamic duo run around stage in a frenzy of musical manipulation, I still could not process what they could possibly be doing on stage to create such brillant music. Despite this extreme curiosity, I had no complaints and neither did the crowd. As they ran around their piles of machinery, rearranging wires and twisting knobs with the urgency one would have when defusing a bomb, they successfully showcased their songs in new and unique ways steering clear away from any similarity to their original tracks. It was as though I was hearing them for the first time when in reality, the number is closer to the hundreds. Simian Mobile Disco always puts on a good show, but if you see that beautiful word (Live) next their name, your in for quite a treat!

Cyrus’ thoughts: 

Simian Mobile Disco at the Paradise Rock Club was a treat to leave Boston with.  It’s come to my attention over the past couple years I’ve been living in beantown that some of the best artists come out to Boston to experience a  new and lively energy that can only be produced through the new generation mingling with an old.  That same kind of energy sprouted up when Simian Mobile Disco performed their live show at the small intimate setting of the Paradise Rock Club, as they ran around their setup in a flurry while shifting gears and knobs as if they’re life depended on it.  Syncopated blue, red, and white flashing lights added to the intensity as James Ford and Jas Shaw ran between midi keyboards, Ableton launchpads, microphones and their modern rack setup.  A laptop running Ableton lay underneath the table, but I didn’t see them touch it once.  Slowly, we started advancing towards the front of the stage as these two geniuses played the new and the old, from ‘Cerulean’ to their hood anthem ‘Hustler’ mixed in with ‘Everyday’ and ‘A Form of Change’ from their new EP.  It was all so fluid, so smooth, and the crowd loved it.  After their set, they came out to do a 7 minute encore which was one of the most monumental encores I’ve ever seen, building up the tension along top of the harmonies and melodies of various synths until just the right moment…I’m not even sure if they were playing a specific song at the end.  But seriously, if you have the chance, please go check out their show live; you probably won’t get a chance to stop dancing.