Sir Michael Rocks [Artist Review]

Sir Michael Rocks, the other half of The Cool Kids and recent Jet Life signee, is the definition of the exclusive and lavish lifestyle. As a man with refined taste, Rocks is all about only the finest things in life: caviar, gold chains, classic Lamborghinis, Cristal, Rolex watches, HST Range Rovers, Moscato, women, traveling to exotic destinations, traveling with women to exotic destinations… you get the idea. But if you still don’t know what I mean, I suggest you look no further than the album cover of Premier Politics, which features a casual game of polo on zebras. That’s right, not horses but zebras!

For those who aren’t familiar with The Cool Kids, I will give a very, very brief synopsis of their work but these guys should definitely be on your radar as they are one of the pioneering groups of 21st century rap. Sir Michael Rocks, then known as Mickey Rocks, was introduced to the rap game as a member of The Cool Kids along with Michigan producer Chuck Inglish. Since their inception in 2005, the duo have appeared on everything from Need For Speed to Nike ads to headlining the Rock the Bells tour in 2008. Although the group has not officially split up, they have each gone their separate ways to pursue independent careers in music. But word on the block is they are putting together another Cool Kids album entitled Shark Week. Don’t sleep yet!

But back to Mickey…

Within the first 20 seconds of his single ‘Foreign Features,’ the listener has already been introduced to the colorful world of Sir Michael Rocks. “Looking around, everything is mahogany/Foreign dishes and women that you’ve never experienced/Flying through countries all over the world that you’ve never been to/Rare animals and breeds/Exotic pets in the crib man”

I’m in the ’95 Lambo, off the handle

I was handling the business for big homie

While he was in Orlando

Gave me the keys to his loft, with the white grand piano

He had a tiger cannibal animal named Rambo

Below are a few tracks that best illustrate his distinctive style:

[*Note: FYI “hit a lick” means getting stacks in a short amount of time. As in, “I hit a lick at the casino then dropped 20K at King Of Diamonds. What a night!”]

So Stupid feat. Vic Mensa – Sir Michael Rocks 

Now You Do – Sir Michael Rocks
[*Also known as ‘Lana’s Theme’ by Flosstradamus]

Bahamas – Sir Michael Rocks

Too Short Back (feat. Shorty K & Tris J) – Sir Michael Rocks

Sir Michael Rocks is an apt name for a man who raps about the opulent and luxurious lifestyle reserved to those of a distinguished high class. Yet he doesn’t seem to boast his wealth, rather he tells elaborate tales of what his recent money and fame through music has brought him. His laissez-faire lyrical style combined with his nonchalant voice come to equal one thing: swag. What I appreciate the most about Rocks is his innate ability to animate and bring the story to you. It takes me back to the earlier days of Eminem and Jay-Z when lyrics read like stories and painted vivid images in your head. Sir Michael tends to have that same effect. All it takes is a few lines and suddenly you’re riding shotgun with Rocks in a Lamborghini en route to his homie’s loft.

In terms of production, Sir Michael Rocks has stepped away from the minimalistic beats of Chuck Inglish (though not completely as Chuck still throws Mikey some beats every now and then) and has delved into the realm of the heavily layered and smooth beats of Tye Hill, Cardo, Flosstradamus, J. Hill, and others. As you can hear, it’s a big change with a powerful effect.

Be sure to check his other swagalicious mixtapes in their entirety below:

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