So Much Love to Give – Valentines Day Mixes

Today is a day of giving.  No, it’s not Thanksgiving and no it’s not Christmas.  It’s Cupid’s special day that only comes once a year on the 14th of the beautiful month of February, which can bring the most shy of lovers together or the most rambunctious partners side by side.  It’s that day of candy, chocolate and teddy bears; the day of sonnets, 4 line poems, and random acts of love and embarrassment. But, it’s also the day that all of our favorite musicians decide “Wait, let me give something to my fans!” and the internet blows up with all sorts of random affectionate music that we can’t help but love.  At Metrojolt, we decided to help spread that lovely tunage.  We’ve got the four grooviest and most sensual valentines day mixes here for you, check ’em out and enjoy this day of LOVE!


Some fans over here at Metrojolt have been waiting a long time for this one.  The infamous Luvstep series has been one of the most watched and loved mix series out there on the Soundcloud and today, the 4th edition was introduced to the public.  Everything from Feed Me to Nero, from Clams Casino to Sinjin Hawke, from gnarly grinding dubby synths to post-dub sex, this mix is the culmination of emotions present on this special day.  Find a special someone and groove out to sweet sounds of Dirty South Joe and Flufftronix.

While you’re at it, check out the other most recent Luvstep mixes, crafted for your pleasure.

Luvstep 2.5

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Hudson Mohawke is that artist who doesn’t have a place in a specific genre.  He’s shown that he can do just about anything, and each production is just a bit better than the rest.  Today though, Mr. Mohawke slowed it down and gave us an assortment of slow jams for our enjoyment.  Beautifully crafted to showcase the groove and melody of love, this mix will take you and your special someone to a sonic landscape that’s totally your own.


All you love birds out there know that the love you feel can carry a myriad of emotions. In Kong’s latest V-day mix you can tell he’s trying to pinpoint as many of those as possible. He fluctuates between the deep and sensual, the powerful and soulful, and the upbeat and uncontainable. In this mix you’ll find some of the smoothest in RnB, soul, and lovebass, ranging from Jim-E Stack, to The Weeknd to James Blake.


This one is from Sam Tiba of Club Cheval, an awesome french label also featuring the amazing talents of Canblaster, Myd, and Panteros666. While still being smooth and sensual, a lot of the music is super upbeat and vibrant making somewhat of a party vibe. The low-key parts of this mix are my favorite, especially the final song – so deep!