Spooky Selections [SoundCloud Roundup]

Happy Halloween! For some of you, today will be an average Wednesday: a full night of sleep, some work, and perhaps a night with the misses or mister. For those not faint of heart, tonight will be a fun night. Halloween is made for foolishness and debauchery – with that comes music. We have a new Soundcloud account that will help us round up the best fresh tracks. All of these songs are either spooky, dark halloween tracks or have been released in the last couple days and lines up well with the festivities.

Let’s get started with some groovy stuff. First up is The Druid Cloak Remix of ‘Random Runner’s Danakk’. This song has a strong beat that will fit into any Techno mix, but has a warm groovy vibe that makes it great to start the night with.

Next up is some Bro Safari with Spooked. DJ Craze is on this….what? Highly renowned from his musical career, DJ Craze makes a great addition to this spooky Trap track. A bit early in the night for Trap in my opinion, but hey, it’s Halloween; get started early.

Now it’s time for one of Dim Mak’s newest releases from Botnek, Think I Feel It. This short 2:45 minute track is packed with high energy. I like the sublet twist on a classic Electro-House sound.

This spooky track is from Metrojolt favorite Bad-Life records. I was infinitely stoked to see a release with both the crazed Frenchman, Noob, and Harvard Bass coming Bad-life.  Appropriately, Noob describes the people around him on Halloween as freaks in this Techno jam.  I recommend you peek at the whole EP.  I can’t call it all spooky, but I can assure you the other 2 tracks are bangers nonetheless.

Time for another one from Botnek, this time with Supreme. This track is the bastard child of some malfunctioning lasers and heavy drums. Love the subtle additions on the section following the second drop.

Okay, let’s take a deep breath with some Disco. Hailing from San Francisco, Disco Mike’s release on Ripe Records is a breath of fresh air in this dark Techno filled roundup.

Let’s get right back in the thick of things with From The Dark Past by Four Quarters Boyz. Ominous sounds with consistant upbeat builds sets the mood perfectly for Halloween.

Not to theme whatsoever, but I can’t get enough of Strip Steve. Any holiday is a good day for a new track from this guy. Maybe the artwork is brainwashing me, but this remix has an underwater feel wrapped up in warm day vibes.

Never been the biggest Dubstep fan, but the sounds Noisia produced to tear up this Skrillex song are blowing my mind; some serious sound engineering.  Even if you’re not into the music, you can’t deny the cutting edge production skills of some of the top Dubstep DJs.

I will leave you with my favorite Halloween mix, from Wazabi. Great and appropriate track selection, all masterfully mixed.

Want your tracks in the next SoundCloud roundup? Hit us up on SoundCloud and we’ll check out your music.