Starkey – Orbits (Album Review)

Gritty, orchestral, dynamic and immense. These are only a few of the many complementary words I can associate with Dubstep/Bass producer Starkey’s newest album, Orbits. Starkey hails from Philidalphia but spent much of his early music career over in London UK where he managed to develop a sound all his own. Today, Starkey has been redefining the way we look at dubstep on a global level and has always managed to take his audiences on a musical journey that plummets through sonic wormholes. His sound is always throwing his listeners curveballs and can, at any moment, go from an etherial and string heavy melody into moments of recklessly digital bliss. Starkey has always kept his albums connected to the idea of space, naming his last four albums Ear Drums and Black Holes, Open the Pod Bay Doors, Space Traitor Vol. 1 and Space Traitor Vol. 2. Starkey actually makes you feel you like you are on a spaceship engaged in a dope journey of deep space and bass. If being in space sounded anything like Starkey, I think dancing astronauts would actually be a real thing.

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