Steve Miller Band – Fly Like An Eagle (Psymbionic Remix)

[info_box] Unfortunately, Steve Miller Band’s management contacted Psymbionic about this remix, asking if he had obtained their approval. This song has therefore been removed. [/info_box]

Steve Miller Band’s ‘Fly Like An Eagle’ was one of the first songs that really stuck with me when I was little.  I remember hearing the track on the Space Jam soundtrack with Michael Jordan leaping in the air and stretching his arm across the court while the song grabbed all the attention of little dreaming boys and girls just like me.  Ever since then, it’s remained to be that track that I burst out singing when somebody plays it at any location.

When an electronic artist decides to remix one of those tracks that’s considered a “classic” by many, die-hard fans usually become weary of the outcome.  So, when I saw Psymbionic’s ‘Fly Like An Eagle’ remix on Soundcloud, I was pretty unwilling to listen to it at first.  What if it changed my perception of the track?  What if I couldn’t watch Space Jam afterwards without thinking of the glitchy remix of the classic?  It was a problem that I knew I just had to ignore.  Thankfully though, my worry was completely misplaced.  Just like his remix of 2Pac’s ‘California Love’, this jazzy glitchy funkadelic producer kept the heart of the song in it’s place.  Psymbionic’s remix of ‘Fly Like An Eagle’ sounds like the same classic, but with a glitchy undertone beneath it.  It’s just enough to make the track a bit more party/concert friendly, while still keeping the nature of the song in place.  Bottom line, it’s a fucking sweet track. Props to Psymbionic for making such a cool remix; below you’ll find his ‘California Love’ remix too!  You can grab them both for free from his Facebook.