Sub Antix & Phantasma – Radical

Something I’ve seen as the latest trend among trap producers is that everybody’s realizing that less is more when it comes to the trails of hihats, booming kicks and emphatic claps that fans everywhere have coined “trap music.”  It’s become so refreshing to not hear the same damn formula every time I go onto my SoundCloud and check out the latest addition to the genre.   But I’ll be honest, I never expected this.  One day when signing onto the Metrojolt SoundCloud, to my elated surprise lay a preview of a gem which had no release date, no fuller version, nothing.  All that was there were the names Sub Antix & Phantasma and I literally jumped in excitement.  Their collab ‘Radical’ is a huge track boasting some of the best generated space I’ve seen in this trap phase.

Small haunting synth leads amongst deep kicks and small elegant wisps leads you into a hip-hop-infused trance as the melody continues to grow.  I kind of expected someone like Curren$y to hop on and spit a couple verses, but unfortunately that probably won’t happen.  Either way, Phantasma’s uncanny knack for producing some of the deepest ingrained melodies is still audible and although I don’t know much of Sub Antix, he’s got to have the funk inside him.  You can practically hear the track breathing, rising and falling with each new measure.  Stream the preview below and stay tuned for the release date on Firepower Records….