Flange Face ft. Miguel Atwood-Ferguson – The Gaslamp Killer

It’s been too long since we’ve heard from L.A. native producer The Gaslamp Killer. His last release was the Death Gate EP in 2010, and aside from playing all kinds of shows the guy has been relatively quiet. On the 10th, “Flange Face” was released. This is the very first single off of Breakthrough, The Gaslamp Killer’s first full length album set to release on September 18th. The track starts in a very dissonant way, with a dark, hip-hop inspired drum beat highlighting a noisy, almost static-like intro. The main strings kick in shortly after (done by Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, the genius responsible for the string work on Flying Lotus’ Cosmogramma album) accompanied with a distorted wobbly bassline that follows more dissonant pieces as they fill their individual space in the track. All in all I can’t say I’m too surprised – the sound is definitely The Gaslamp Killer. It’s dark, moody, and centered mainly around the drums – I think this is what we can expect from Breakthrough.

You can stream “Flange Face” on Pitchfork.