Trve – Celsius EP [Exclusive Preview & Check In with Gold Nite Recs]

Gold Nite Records may be the new kids on the block, but they’re already making serious waves.  Conceived one drunken night a few months ago (more on that below), Gold Nite is the child of the guys from The Rox and Ricktronik.  Below you will find the full scoop on the label straight from the source (Federico of The Rox).  You’ll also find a Metrojolt exclusive preview of Gold Nite’s first release, the Celsius EP from Trve!

Trve’s Celsius EP is true warehouse techno.  The originals, ‘Link’ and ‘Celsius’, have the driving feel of electro infused with deep, lush and reverb laden sound design.  Huge whitenoise filled builds slam into pounding minimal drops.  ‘Celsius’ and ‘Link’ are the sort of tracks which have the capacity to hypnotize an audience into dancing until morning.  The remix of ‘Link’ by Elektropusher is a brilliant take on the track.  It maintains the feel and integrity of the track with an entirely new arrangement that will catch you off guard. Overall the Celsius EP is a stunning debut from Trve and a very promising first release from Gold Nite Records.  We at Metrojolt are honored to host the exclusive debut of such a brilliant EP.


Interview with Federico Cirillo from The Rox and founder of Gold Nite Records:

You guys (The Rox, Ricktronik) have worked with a lot of great labels in the past.  What made you decide to start your own? How have the labels you’ve worked with influenced your vision for Gold Nite?

Well, nice question. It’s funny but really simple. We were outside drinking a  beer together, us, Ricktronik and other well known producers from Milan. I organized that meeting cause im really often closed in my own studio at home and im a kind of a social nerd. So we were drunk and Ricktronik started to press me with words like “you can change the world!”. The day after, Gold Nite was born.
Talking seriously, this is something i started believin’ in cause here, in Italy, there was nothing similar. Not in the north. If you see other European countries like France or England you can find a lot of top quality label doing their super job and also making a lot of collaborations. Here is like an “Intifada”. My idea, OUR idea, is to change this.


What are your goals for this label? Is there a particular sound you are going for with the artists you choose to sign?


No, absolutely.  Once a man called Fake Blood told me, “There’s no exact thing I’m looking for, really. I just know it when I hear it!” And this is exactly what we do.


So how do you go about finding the artists you end up signing?


Oh, it is a matter of luck. Haha. No, my mates Andre ( The Rox) and Rick (Ricktronik) are really super into searching for new rookies or good unknown artists. But we want to keep our roster really little. We will involve a lot of big remixers but our original producers will grow up with us.


You guys have gotten a ton of early support from guys like Etienne De Crecy and autoKratz.  How did that come about?
Yeah. Richie Hawtin, Bs1, Attaque and many more too. Really simple way. Mail, mail, mail.
We asked Etienne for a remix and he replied to us “No cause the track is already perfect and I got no time to make a hard remix” something like this. He is a really good man. AutoKratz are so good. I think it happened the same as Etienne, more or less.


Tell me about this new release from Trve! How did you find him and how does his sound fit into the vision for Gold Nite?
So Trve…yeah. You will hear a lot in the next month about him. He is actually working on a remix for Fried Guy (my solo project) on Teenage Riot (JFK label) and is working also on the second ep. I met him during a big festival here. I was in love with his unique style after hearing some cool promos from him. So i asked to hit me with some demos and he gave us the bomb, Celsius.


I think the whole EP is atomic, it’s not his sound fitting inside Gold Nite Records.
But it’s the Label that gains a glimpse of soul from every track we sign.

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