Turtle T – Lust

The Seattle Hip Hop scene, while diverse, does not get much national shine, save Macklemore and Blue Scholars. After opening for the likes of Brother Ali and Blue Scholars, Nu Era has cemented their place as one of the best rising groups in Seattle. Their album Sink or Swim, which won the group the Chegg Battle of the Bands, has been on repeat since I downloaded it last year. Recently, group member Turtle T released the single ‘Lust’ in anticipation for his solo debut.

The one I can turn to when I got the burn to

we rekindle or we can read kindles

Super Nintendo the situation and just blow

hit restart for the fresh 64 bit

‘Lust’ is an ode to the women we love. Turtle T vibes out to this theme, with his laid back flow easily detailing all things he would do to his favorite girl. His rich voice and relatable lines make this track extremely easy to listen to. Bars are filled with youthful metaphors about everything from Super Nintendo’s to monkey bars, leading to a fun verse with deep meaning. Although his rhyme scheme is sometimes questionable, jumping from phrase to phrase with no connecting rhyme, his flow is smooth enough to overcome that obstacle. His relaxed vocals are only highlighted by the minimalistic production from Andrew Savoie, a fellow Nu Era member. Savoie does nicely on this one, his bass-y synths and light drums giving off a very jazzy vibe that fits perfectly with the downbeat, Seattle vibe of the track.

If this track is any indication, Turtle T is moving in the right direction with his music and his upcoming mixtape will be very easy on the ears. Definitely check out his previous work on Sink or Swim, like the trippy ‘Nu Tang’ (peep the vid), on which he displays his versatility as an artist coming with rougher, more lyrical flows that contrast nicely with vibe music. Also check out more production work from Savoie the recently released ‘FOG’, a snippet from his upcoming project. And follow Nu Era on Facebook and bandcamp to stay up to date with their new music.