Twin Peaks @ Great Scott [Show Review]

Twin Peaks

As we mentioned in our earlier show preview, Chicago garage-rock foursome Twin Peaks blew into town last week for a well-hyped headline set at Allston’s Great Scott. We were on the scene and are now happily reporting that the Peaks dudes do not disappoint live. Taking the raw energy and keen pop sense of their latest release, the critically acclaimed Wild Onion, and blowing it up to mammoth proportions, despite being in a smallish club, the band showcased a live set that exuded confidence far beyond their age. It’s safe to say they’ll be tackling a stage much larger than the one at Great Scott next time they roll through town.

Despite being slightly hamstrung by fronter Cadien Lake James’ apparent leg injury, (no wheelchair this time around, just a stool and a mic stand adjusted accordingly), the band tore through a hour-long set heavy on material from Onion. While previous streamed tunes like lead track “I Found A New Way” and “Making Breakfast” elicited the most fervent reactions from the crowd, the energy in the room remained at a high throughout the show. From first beat onwards a small crew of people, whose mass only expanded as the show went on, began dancing hard, falling in and out of mosh pits in line with the band’s malleable sound. The slower numbers left space for soft swaying, while the rave-ups sent fans flying into the monitors to scream along. Unlike the new record, which by current release standards is an embarrassment of riches, their set proved to be short and sweet; after pounding out their tunes the boys quickly said goodbye, a mass exodus followed and that was that.

We’re lead to believe the show sold out just before the band hit the stage, as a rush of fans came in during some last minute sound checks, but in any case Twin Peaks far exceeded expectations, and rightfully justified their new status as the hot new American garage rock outfit.

Local rockers Miami Doritos and Twin Peaks’ tourmates The Lemons opened.