Umek – Spank [Spinnin Records]

Umek is one of the pronounced kings of dark techno and house music.   His sound has influenced countless number of producers coming from all across the world, and I hit myself every day since I haven’t seen him perform yet.  Just wait till he comes to the United States again, I’ll be there with bells on.  Nonetheless, he finds a way to hold me down with each new release, making it as energetic and different as the next one.

‘Spank’, out on Spinnin Records, is an esoteric and atmospheric house track boasting more layers than you could imagine.  It’s kind of like what I imagine music in space to be like, something that transcends the normal sounds of big room house music.  When listening to this track, it becomes painfully clear what good house music can do.  Simply put, it’s a perfect representation of how one can create a void of space within a track, while not sacrificing any of it’s elements.  Simple but deep and thoughtful, this track is completely worthy of Umek’s legacy.