Volta – Mossing/Wasabi EP

Volta is the nom de guerre of Toronto’s most ruthless up and coming techno producer, ChristianNäthler.  His new EP boasts 2 undeniably pounding originals and 3 remixes.  ‘Mossing’ is the star of the EP and centers around a deep and heavy low end complemented with glitchy and industrial flourishes.  It’s very reminiscent of some of the work of John Roman, another huge talent to come out of Toronto.  The melodic side of the EP comes from the second original titled ‘Wasabi’.  It’s gritty electro-techno at its finest.

If you’ve been keeping up with us in the last few weeks you probably know how hard we’re digging on Dr. Bread.  I was very happy to find out he’s got a sick remix of ‘Wasabi’ featured on the release.  It’s a slower take on ‘Wasabi’ with more of a walking feel.  Remix number two comes from Count Clockwork ,an English duo who I suggest you keep an ear on.  These guys are churning out heaters faster than that weird Amish fireplace company.  Their remix of ‘Mossing’ has all the thump of the original plus some serious forward momentum.  Last but not least is Australian producer Made in Paris’ remix of ‘Mossing’.  While she definitely did a number on this track, she took it in a pretty different direction than Count Clockwork.  Hers is far more synth driven with added percussion slightly reminiscent of Boys Noize.  Altogether Mossing/Wasabi is another fantastically dark future techno EP you need to get your hands on.

The EP will be available December 1st on CRUX Records.