It’s about time to spice things up on Metrojolt with another young producer who never fails to impress me.   With a defined sound that reminds me of artists such as Flying Lotus and Shlohmo, Wassabii is a 19 year old producer residing in Boston, Massachusetts.  Originally from the Bay Area of California, James Wasserman has been producing for a couple years, exploring genres like Hip-Hop, Electronic, and Experimental.  Recently, he released his first EP “First Love” online for free; a 19 track selection full of eclectic samples and funky rhythms which traverses ALL of the genres above and more.

The best way of describing “First Love” is a window into the musical mind of Wassabii.  A diverse producer who experiments with a plethora of different sounds, Wassabi makes each track a constant reminder that you won’t hear the same thing twice.  Plus, each track flows into the next, making the EP a pleasant listening experience.  At first, you’re introduced to his sound of choice; a bit of IDM blended with some off-beat Hip-Hop drum-lines.  After the complete 40 minutes, you’ll have progressed with Wassabii through Experimental sounds, more sporadic IDM, more groovy Hip-Hop beats, recognizable samples and funny interludes.  All of these components of the “First Love” EP then blend together to give you a small hint into the musical mind of Wassabii.

There simply isn’t one word that can describe Wassabii.  Check out my favorites below and try to find a word that encompasses everything about his style.  Personally, my favorite track off the EP is Never Let You Down, as it tells its own story without the need for lyrics.  Make sure to either play “First Love” on your speakers (not laptop speakers) or your headphones for the full experience.

Just Like Music [Wassabii Remix] – Eric Sermon ft Marvin Gaye

You Know – Wassabii

Never Let You Down – Wassabii

If you want a remix done on a track, send it his way and he’ll add some Wassabii on it to spice it up.  Support him on Facebook and download the First Love EP to get the full taste of this up-and-coming producer.