Watch the Duck (with DragonHouse)- Poppin’ Off [Video Review]

I was watching this Watch the Duck video and playing it aloud while Anthony Sharma was studying aggressively for his final exams, avoiding Facebook and Youtube at all costs, of course. He didn’t seem to mind, and though he wasn’t witnessing the insane DragonHouse dancing taking place before my eyes, he was at least half-listening, so at the end of it I asked him what he thought of the track. He thought it over for a moment and asked, “Was that Ray Charles?” Nope. “Well, if he were alive today, Ray-Ray would be all over that.”

Never question my love for Sir Anthony Sharma.

Watch the Duck’s new banger ‘Poppin’ Off’ is a battlefield where genres collide – or perhaps a Versailles where genres make peace. They obviously call it Soul Dubstep for a reason. Lyrically gritty, vocally raspy, melodically elegant, and at the end of it all, it’s every wubwub fiend’s wet dream. The video does the song justice by displaying some of the most jaw-dropping interpretive dancing you can imagine. DragonHouse is seriously on another level – moving, shaking and vibrating in ways that were never meant for your average human being. And yet the dancing’s hip-hop influence acts as the glue that pieces the soul and dubstep elements together.

[You may recognize one of the dancers, Marquese ‘Nonstop’ Scott from the popular ‘Pumped Up Kicks|Dubstep’ video.]

I would keep an eye out for Watch the Duck. While the video itself is insane in its own right, there’s no question how shockingly good this is. The way they’ve been able to combine EDM with soul and hip-hop is unlike anything out there. If you’re lucky enough to be in NYC, you can catch them at SOB’s on December 20th at Hot 97’s ‘Who’s Next’ showcase.