Yoga Pants – Minnesota [Free Download]

Now here’s one of those tracks that came as a surprise to me.   After having just seen Minnesota at the Zion I & Minnesota show in Cambridge, I didn’t see this Dub infused trap track coming out under his name.  Nevertheless, Minnesota did an awesome job with ‘Yoga Pants’.  The kick, hihats and snares hit hard, the southern style Hip-Hop synth line never gets old and the dubbed-down bass doesn’t lose my interest.  It’s a new style for Minnesota, but still ‘Yoga Pants’ can work well in any set, even for just a second.  Plus, the track develops as you listen to it, so it’s not one of those boring tracks that DJs just play to please the crowd.  It’s simple, yet ‘Yoga Pants’ flows smoothly; hopefully Minnesota will do more stuff like this.