Zion I Crew @ Fortune Sound Club

On Thursday night I had the pleasure to see AmpLive and Zumbi a.k.a. the Zion I Crew at Fortune Sound Club here in Vancouver BC, for the first time in our new year. Boy was this show insane! Upon my arrival, San Francisco native A-1 was mid-set as the crowd swayed back and forth to his chillin’ rap tunes and various hyped freestyles. He soon introduced half of Zion I as AmpLive THREW DOWN by fluidly mixing so many songs of different genre in such a limited amount of time before the rest of the Zion I Crew joined him. Once together, the best was only to come.

My first time seeing Zion I was at Ashkenaz in Berkeley when I was a sophomore in high school. The show was announced about two hours before they went on stage and very few people ended attending the amazing performance. Their show at Fortune Sound Club a week ago BLEW that show away by a mile. The amazing turn-out of a crowd was obviously completely different, as Fortune was PACKED to the brim with rowdiness as per usual for hip-hop shows. Not only because of their most recent album Shadowboxing being showcased, but also for all the throwbacks they also featured later in the show including “The Bay“, “Silly Puddy“, and even Living Legends gem “Purple Kush“.

To complete an already electrifying show, DJ AmpLive’s live performance at the end of the show was one of the most awesome musical performances I have ever witnessed. What started out as confusion quickly turned to absolute frenzy, as AmpLive took center stage with a keytar midi controller banging out an insane range of sounds and songs including random bits of dubstep and some hyphy ass rap songs.

Anyways, I wanna give big props to the entire Zion I Crew for throwin’ it down! Zumbi and AmpLive really brought the house down as the a very dank smelling crowd was definitely gettin’ lifted to the sweet tunes that Zion I perform one after another. I CAN NOT wait for these guys to come back to Vancouver, I hope that show inspires you to come back soon!!! If you’ve never heard of the dope crew that is Zion I, take a listen to these cuts below. They’ll change your mind.